Kyiv Milonguero Cup

Bailemos Tango Festival team do want to help Ukraine tango community to improve. We believe, that a chance to evaluate your progress is an important part of your development. There for we decide to give a chance to all our international friends to take part in Kyiv Milonguero cup, where all the participants will get a fare evaluation of their skill by our International Jury Team. Come to enjoy your dance!

General information:

Kyiv Milonguero Cup is a competition organized by Bailemos Tango Festival team on October 21 in Kyiv, Ukraine.


There will be 4 categories in Kyiv City Cup.
1) Tango Salon;
2) Tango Milonga;
3) Tango Waltz;
4) Tango for couples with less then 3 years of experience;

Tango Salon, Tango Milonga and Tango Waltz categories are open to all the participants. Tango for couples with less then 3 year experience will open only for beginner couples, where both of the participants dance less than 3 years.


Organizers have a right to take video and photo of all the participants. Organizers can adjust the schedule of the competition (time and program) due to a need. 


All tango lovers, milongueros of any nationality can participate in Kyiv Milongueros Cup. 


International team:
Roxana Suarez
Sebastian Achaval
Jonathan Saavedra
Clarisa Aragon
Maria Ines Bogado


All participants will compete by dancing 3 random songs (tango, waltz or milonga) chosen by the organizer and a jury. There will be 6 couples in a final, 12 in a semifinal and 24 in a quarter final. As a sample, if there are 30 couples they will dance 1 round of 3 songs, and jury will pick 24 couples to compete in a semifinal. Then all the participants will compete one more time and jury will pick 12 couples for semifinal. In a final round jury will give their scores to every couple. Couple receiving a highest score will be a winner.

Evaluation criteria for Jury:

Tango considered as a social dance, where the most important aspects are musicality, embrace, connection, coordination and interpritation as a couple, fluidity on a dance floor, harmony and ability to improvise during the dance. This will be the main evaluation points for jury. 


1st prize in tango - free pass and 4 classes for a couple at Bailemos 2022.
1st prize in Milonga - free pass and 2 classes for a couple at Bailemos 2022.
1st prize in Waltz - free pass and 2 classes for a couple at Bailemos 2022.
1st prize in "Tango under 3 year of experience" - free pass for a couple for Bailemos 2022.


Warm up - 4pm, October 21, 2021.
Competition start - 5pm, October 21, 2021.
(Detailed program will be send to all participants later on)

Registration deadline:

October 14.


After paying a participation fee and in case of withdraw an application, there will be following refund rules:
100% refund before 1 October. 
50% refund before 14 October.
No refund after October 15.


1 category - 30 euro
2 category - 40 euro
3 category - 50 euro


Due to a COVID19 restrictions location of a festival and competition will be announced after August 15.