Best TDJ

They are the one, who will create an amazing atmosphere at our Festival.

Yurii Cherenkov (Ukraine)

He knows how to handle the music in such a way, that it will simply bring the fire and energy to the dance floor. 

Francesco Cieschi

The man that will keep you up the whole night long. Carousel of inspiration and passion, for your pleasure only, by our dear TDJ Francesco Cieschi.

Sonja Zivanovic (Serbia)

Every night, inspiration will come alive on the dance floor, and her music will rock our emotions. You wonder who will energize our dances? 

Our sweet TDJ muse, Sonja Zivanovic.

Mik Avramenko (Ukraine)

He is a magician in the art of transforming the atmosphere of a milonga, so that being on the dance floor, you “travel” through different states. Thanks to his music choices, Mik Avramenko adds up a hint of extra magic to those embraces you savored during the night.


“ I like to feel the influence of music on the mood of dancing couples, being in the moment with the dancers and create that moment for them.
 The professional sound engineer experience helps me concentrate on the creative side of dj'ing and the mood of the hall on milongas. I love to play rhythmic music in order to involve tangeros from the farthest tables and get them to the dance floor. ”

Carlos Cabral

Carlos is a well-known Tango figure in Porto and Portugal, regularly appearing as a DJ in several important events worldwide.
With a traditional music style, it has a predilection for Tango orchestras from the 40's, promising to take us on a hallucinatory journey full of emotions.